When the findings stand up to scrutiny,

everybody wins.

A fair and objective investigation serves the best interests of everyone involved.

At Mortimer Khoraych we conduct thorough, respectful, neutral and objective investigations that comply with legal requirements and stand up to scrutiny from all angles. Count on us for answers that matter – answers backed by evidence to help your team move forward while protecting everyone involved against reputational risks.

Our Investigative Approach


Our professionals are employment lawyers, but we do not represent employers or employees. Impartiality is the cornerstone of every investigation we conduct.

Fair but assertive

No matter who the complainant and respondent are, or how severe the conflict may be, we remain strong and steadfast in our approach while demonstrating respect and sensitivity.


Our professionals are trained and experienced investigators with a background in human resources law, which allows them to combine substantive knowledge with procedural requirements.


We deliver clear and detailed findings, complete with comprehensive analyses and explanations that support them.


While we pride ourselves in handling the most complex and demanding investigations, we are also able to work with clients to tailor a procedurally sound investigation process in keeping with the issues at hand.


We have conducted investigations into 100s of allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, conflict of interest, danger, dishonesty, abuse of power, reprisal and more, across all sectors and industries.

Workplace Investigations

When you engage an expert to conduct an external investigation, you convey an important message about your organization. You’re saying that you take complaints seriously and are willing to invest the necessary time and resources to ensure a fair outcome.

Culture Audits

In addition to our investigative services, Mortimer Khoraych provides workplace audits to assess the general climate within a workplace, as opposed to assessing a specific complaint or conflict. That said, the two can be conducted simultaneously when necessary.

Workplace Restoration

Whether it’s determined by way of an investigation, an audit, or general observation, when it is clear that an interpersonal conflict between two or more co-workers is the root cause of a workplace issue, you may wish to consider our workplace restoration and remediation services.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 416-915-1248 or admin@mkworkplaceinvestigations.com.