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Manage your own internal workplace investigation with support from the experts.

Should you prefer to manage your own assessment of a workplace situation, Mortimer Khoraych would be pleased to support your efforts.

Ask about our advisory and coaching services.

We can provide guidance for every step of the investigation process as follows:

  • Reviewing the complaint and identifying the allegations, parties, potential witnesses, sources of evidence, key documents, relevant/applicable workplace policies and procedures, and other considerations
  • Strategic investigation planning, including who you should interview and in what order, plus best interview formats
  • Interview preparation, including themes to cover and areas of questioning
  • How to best organize the evidence collected
  • Making credibility determinations
  • Drafting findings of fact
  • Drafting findings of policy breaches
  • Addressing any procedural or other issues that may arise in the course of the investigation

Managing your own internal investigation may or may not be appropriate, depending on the circumstances. When it is appropriate, having an advisor on standby to assist as and when needed is a cost-effective way to ensure your workplace investigation meets legal requirements.

Our level of involvement is up to you.

Engage our support at each step of the process or, if you prefer, lean on us only when you find you hit a roadblock and could benefit from the advice of an expert. No matter how you choose to proceed, we’re available to review all relevant issues with you and help you determine the most appropriate next steps to take based on your particular circumstances.

In the event of an internal appeal, call on us for a secondary review and decision-making support.

In some cases, where an investigation is followed by an internal appeal, we may be retained to support the appellate decision-maker in reviewing the process undertaken and decisions to date, prior to the organization reaching a final decision.