A healthy work environment
is essential

to your organization’s success.

Culture & Environmental Audits

In addition to our investigative services, Mortimer Khoraych provides workplace audits to assess the general climate within a workplace, as opposed to assessing a specific complaint or conflict. That said, the two can be conducted simultaneously when necessary.

A culture and environmental audit is recommended if:

  • You have received anonymous complaints about a work group, or several complaints related to the same issue or individual, and have no clear facts to investigate.
  • You have received a complaint, and/or a workplace investigation indicates that there is a larger issue at play within the group/department.
  • There is interpersonal conflict at play within a group/department.
  • Your employee satisfaction survey shows a high degree of disengagement.
  • Other reasons suggest it is time to assess the work environment to determine if it is healthy and if employees are working in a productive and safe manner.

A workplace audit can examine a particular team or division and focuses on understanding how participating employees feel about their workplace environment and relationships in order to reveal whether harassment or other potentially problematic behaviour is occurring.

Similar to our workplace investigations, the report we produce following a workplace audit sets out our mandate, scope, process and methodology, and findings. Although we do not make findings of fact (as our focus is not on any specific allegations), we do report on the perception participants have of their workplace so that clients can understand the issues at play and implement changes accordingly.

Should your audit reveal interpersonal conflict, consider our workplace restoration and remediation services.