Jeanette Bicknell (she/her)

Workplace Mediator & Restoration Specialist

Jeanette Bicknell is a professional workplace mediator and restoration specialist. She helps clients create stronger organizations whose members can focus on what matters in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Jeanette's approach to workplace mediations starts with building rapport with the employees involved, helping put them at ease, and working through relevant information to inform discussions going forward. From this foundation, Jeanette works with the employees involved, including one-on-one and plenary sessions, to identify root causes, improve interpersonal communication and understanding, and implement restorative practices in addition to giving employees the tools to maintain the progress made. Her clients most appreciate her calm demeanor in the face of high-stakes conflict and the way she is able to help them navigate through complex interpersonal issues, and make sound decisions.

In her diverse career as a conflict resolution expert and workplace mediator, Jeanette has helped dozens of businesses, boards, and management teams work together more effectively and make better decisions. Having witnessed first-hand the harm caused by interpersonal conflict and incivility in the workplace, Jeanette is passionate about creating healthy teams, organizations and workspaces free from the distraction of dysfunctional personal conflict. Her goal, when working with teams and boards, is that members work together effectively enough to have constructive disagreements.

Jeanette has worked with clients in a range of industries, including manufacturing, the creative sector, healthcare, and non-profits. She is a former member of the Attorney General of Ontario’s Mandatory Mediation Roster for Toronto, and a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

Jeanette has a PhD in philosophy from York University and taught at universities in Canada and the U.S. before becoming a workplace mediator. She also holds a certificate in Workplace Investigations, and Advanced Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution and in Family Mediation. She has earned the designation “Chartered Mediator” from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, Canada’s most senior official designation for mediators, with extensive training and experience requirements.

Jeanette is married with one child. She plays in a community concert band and is a volunteer circle keeper with Peacebuilders, an organization that works with youth in the criminal justice system.

If you would like to connect with Jeanette, she can be reached at