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What to Expect

When you engage an expert to conduct an external investigation, you convey an important message about your organization. You’re saying that you take complaints seriously and are willing to invest the necessary time and resources to ensure a fair outcome.

A fair outcome requires findings that stand up to scrutiny. That’s what we deliver.

Our typical workplace investigation process follows these 7 steps:

  1. Meet with client to determine mandate and scope of investigation.
  2. Review all relevant workplace policies and procedures.
  3. Review written complaint (if one exists) to identify nature and content of factual and legal allegations, and to identify potential witnesses and documentary evidence.
  4. Conduct investigative interviews.
  5. Study witness statements, documentation, and other available sources to identify evidence relevant to interview findings.
  6. Review and assess relevant evidence, and make credibility/reliability assessments to secure findings of fact.
  7. If requested, assess findings of fact against applicable workplace policies and legislation.

You can count on Mortimer Khoraych to:

  • Protect individuals involved in the investigation against reputational risks and maintain confidentiality
  • Provide conclusive investigation findings made on a balance of probabilities standard
  • Provide a detailed report at the end of the investigation, explaining precisely how we reached our findings

The report you receive on completion of the workplace investigation will:

  • Outline our mandate and scope, identifying areas outside the scope of work, where applicable
  • Explain our methodology and process, including notable procedural issues, such as communication with various parties or action taken to address concerns raised
  • Include identification of witnesses
  • Include documents that are key to the process
  • Summarize relevant evidence collected, including witness, documentary, and electronic evidence
  • Provide detailed findings of fact, with explanations of our reasoning and credibility findings
  • Summarize all factual findings
  • Include, if requested, an assessment of whether or not factual findings constitute a breach of workplace policy, plus expert assessment of the issues
  • Share recommendations for redress and how to address issues raised in the findings, if requested

Upon request, we are happy to substitute the above with an investigation summary or other abridged report.

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