Minimize interpersonal conflict

in the workplace.

Workplace Restoration

Whether it’s determined by way of an investigation, an audit, or general observation, when it is clear that an interpersonal conflict between two or more co-workers is the root cause of a workplace issue, you may wish to consider our workplace restoration and remediation services.

By helping participants find common ground, we enable and empower them to create and maintain a functioning working relationship so that all employees can thrive in the workplace.

The key to successful remediation is a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Such an environment allows individuals to openly express themselves and gain a better understanding of one another’s perspective.

Prior to remediation, participants are trained to listen with empathy and respond without judgement. They are also encouraged to participate in discussions around the impact of particular workplace behaviours.

Following remediation, they are given tools to implement in their workplace interactions, and regular check-ins are conducted to monitor and support progress. We may also recommend one-on-one training to coach participants on behaviours that are conducive to respectful interactions, and/or sensitivity training, depending on circumstances.

Our goal is to help you restore a conflict-free environment.

Should we feel you could benefit from the support of other professionals in the remediation field, (for example, a workplace coach), we will provide suitable recommendations.

The sooner complaints are addressed, the less chance they have of escalating.

That’s why employees need a safe place in which to raise their concerns. Mortimer Khoraych is pleased to offer Ombuds Services, whereby we function as an impartial complaint intake mechanism and conflict resolution practitioner, and provide confidential and informal information and assistance to employees on a variety of issues and concerns on an ongoing basis.

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